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Steph Marr has been working for over 25 years to improve communications throughout the world. He has worked as a networking engineer, helping to bring TCP/IP to the PC. He helped to develop the worldwide email system, the first web-enabled operating system, and built the first commercial web application (Pizza Net for Pizza Hut in 1994). Mr. Marr brings outstanding technical skills and exceptional executive vision with him wherever he goes. He has a strong, proven record of accomplishment for engineering and product management, information technology, and professional services in fast growth environments. Marr’s extensive technical skills include software development, operating system design, protocol development, network security analysis and design, digital forensics and knowledge management. Marr's most recent activities have been in knowledge management arena, combining the best commercial and open-source software to meet operational needs, allowing for greater information sharing, and enabling knowledge workers to access critical information needed to allow large organizations to maximize their responsiveness to changing circumstances.


Software integration, public speaking, information security, knowledge systems design, product design, software development, business process optimization


2002-2008 Creative Advanced Technology Center

Sr. Manager, Information Technology / Knowledge Systems

The Creative Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is the primary research and development center for Creative Labs, Inc. Creative established the sound card market, and continues to provide market leadership in digital audio processing. ATC provides primary VLSI design services, along with algorithm research and software development.

Mr. Marr was originally hired as the IT manager, but as the situation evolved he was asked to take on management of the technical publications group, and to form a Knowledge Management team to improve information access, publishing tools, and technology reuse, ultimately enabling better and faster development and improving integration and adoption of ATC’s technologies throughout the Creative product line.

Some highlights of Mr. Marr’s responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for all Knowledge Systems Design and operation (matrix project team):

  • Infrastructure Design and Implementation

  • Intellectual Property Protection

  • Source Code Management Systems

  • Automation Infrastructure

  • VLSI, Software Engineering, and Audio Research Tool Chain Management

  • Crawling, Indexing, and Search Subsystems Development

  • Responsible for all IT Operations (two reports):

  • Network Management

  • Solaris, Linux and Windows Server Administration

  • Backup Services, Disaster Planning and Asset Management

  • Facilities Management: Power, Cooling and Security Systems

  • Financial Planning, fiscal control

  • Responsible for all Technical Publications (three reports):

  • Design Specifications

  • Interface Specifications

  • Engineering Documentation

  • End-User Documentation (E-MU)

  • Provided technical leadership and mentoring to engineering staff wherever possible

  • Reduced service downtime by over 93%, maintaining service availability in excess of 97% for all functional areas

  • Established and maintained a 94% “on-time” service standard for all Help Desk requests in IT, Publications, and Knowledge Management areas.

2001-2002 Cenzic, Inc.

Vice President, Engineering
  • Responsible for all technical areas of a startup company specializing in security quality assurance testing tools, including:

  • Product Development

  • Information Technology

  • Quality Assurance

  • Customer Service

  • Worked with Product Marketing and Sales to overhaul a point product security scanner into a fully programmable Security-QA test development platform.

  • Directly managed a development staff of 8 engineers and 2 QA staff as well as IT and publications staff to release two full products in 8 months time.

  • Oversaw the development of more than 500,000 lines of code in less than four months, resulting in the on-time and within-budget delivery of Hailstorm 3, which received Interop’s Best of Show Award for security products.

  • Set budgets, managed technical staff and negotiated contracts.

2000-2001 Valeo Devices, Inc.

Founder, Chief Technical Officer, Chief Security Officer
  • Founded a secure server-appliance company, focusing on dynamic service allocation of secure Internet services including authentication, mail, messaging, DNS and others.

  • Responsible for all aspects of marketing including:

  • Market research

  • Competitive analysis

  • Business forecasting

  • Press relations

  • Sales Materials (company and product positioning, collateral)

  • As Treasurer, Responsible for overseeing all corporate finances and legal affairs

  • Developed processes, procedures, pricing and quality standards

  • Defined product requirements and initial product roadmap

  • Developed business plan and VC road-show

1996-2000 Predictive Systems, Inc.

Corporate Vice President, Information Security
  • Founded the Information Security consulting practice

  • Developed processes, procedures, pricing and quality standards

  • Grew headcount to over 75 security professionals at 10 locations in 3 countries

  • Expanded security gross revenue to over $8 million per year

  • Managed assessment, design, and deployment projects in excess of $2 million

  • Maintained the company’s highest margins, best staff retention, and top customer satisfaction levels

  • Coordinated all security-related press, marketing, sales, and operations activities

1986-1996 The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.

Principal Architect (Networking and Security), Strategic Planning (1993-1996)
  • Responsible for technical oversight and long-term planning for all security, networking, and communications products and services.

  • Provided technical and managerial leadership to development teams in 6 locations throughout the US, UK and Canada.

  • Conceived, planned and fostered SCO’s “Internet Friendly” strategy

  • Conceived and fostered the first web-enabled operating system product

  • Assisted all areas of the company to incorporate Internet technologies into existing business processes

  • Coordinated the design of a new security infrastructure used by SCO, Sun, Microsoft, Cisco, and Intel encompassing Windows, UNIX, Java, and the Web

  • Planned and fostered SCO’s “Windows Friendly” strategy

  • Formalized client/server product requirements

  • Initiated the acquisition of a Windows/UNIX integration company

  • Performed technical due-diligence prior to acquisition

  • Conceived, designed and deployed the first consumer-grade Web application

  • Pizza Hut and SCO cooperated to create the first consumer-grade Web application

  • Generated world-wide press coverage including TV, radio, and print media

Network Architect, Software Engineering (1990-1993)
  • Managed product requirements and development efforts for all networking products including TCP/IP, NFS, DCE, LAN Manager and NetWare Connectivity products

  • Implemented TCP/IP and NFS for all SCO releases

  • Created an integration strategy for all networking products

  • Coordinated development, QA, training, marketing and support activities for all networking products

  • Managed all aspects of alpha- and beta-testing of all networking products

Manager, Computer Services (1988-1990)
  • Migrated all computing from minicomputers to Intel-based server systems in 1988, enabling the company to use its own products, resulting in a dramatic improvement in sales, product quality, and overall reliability

  • Managed the growth of computing resources as the company grew from 200 employees in one city to over 2500 employees world-wide

  • Designed and built the company’s first high-speed networks and migrated processes and procedures to use these new resources

Sr. Communications Analyst, Customer Service (1986-1988)
  • Supported all customers in the use of UNIX communication systems and products

  • Defined and led SCO’s security incident response team

  • Developed processes and procedures for all communications and security issues

  • Performed all QA functions for the company’s networking products

Additional Information

Mr. Marr is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B) and a Volunteer Fire Apparatus Engineer (VFAE).

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